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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SAYING GOODBYE ! June 12,2013

Joy named it "Fred." Zoll Life Vest is his real name; a heart difibulator that will shock my pants off in case I am unable (unconscious) to disarm it. I've carried Fred with me when I walk, sleep, watch TV, everywhere and all the time including the porcelain
throne. I don't think God intended for you to invoke his name when doing your biz in the dumper. The sensor parts are in a harness worn ove...r the shoulders and under the arms with a fabric chest band encircling my randy man nips. A heavy duty cord runs down the back to the bag that contains the electrics.The bag hooks to the belt or you can opt for the sling load when hip or knee goes south. It was always exciting
getting unhooked and pants down in time! Summary:Today Dr. Kamran K. Sherwani, cardiologist,said Jimmah's heart was strong and pure and we could say adios to Fred. Daily, Joy changed the batteries, washed the vests, CHARGED the batteries, inserted the sensor system, helped me put the harness on right and on occasion ran
for cover when Fred went off accidentily. All that and she still would find time to cover me with my favorite blankie when I went to sleep on the couch. You know, I think we will both miss Fred...NOT!!!

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  1. Well... Congrats on the Loss of Fred!!!

    Have a great weekend, Slu